The Strain of the Day for Thursday October 17th is Lemon Meringue by The Fire Supply, normally $20 a gram!

“Cultivator Spotlight” deals! Any strain from TANANA HERB CO. will be additionally discounted starting at 1/8s for $45, Quarter Ounces for $80, Half Ounces for $155 and Ounces for $300

Located off 88th in between Lake Otis and Abbott is Anchorage's favorite recreational cannabis dispensary

Hollyweed 907 opened in May 2018 and is located on E. 88th Ave. Since then the staff has been serving both quality marijuana herb and cannabis related products to the local south Anchorage community. 

Hollyweed 907’s interior, designed by local architect Wallace Swanson from LCG Lantech, highlights a modern store front environment along with a viewing window into the state of the art kitchen which produces the in house edibles and concentrates. 



Sun-Thur 10am–10pm
Fri-Sat 10am-11pm


2429 E. 88th Ave
Anchorage, AK 99507


(907) 929-3331